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Outcrossing is the practice of introducing unrelated genetic material into a breeding line. It is essential in every purebred breed to ensure the breed’s future, by broadening the gene pool and strengthening the immune system and vigor in that breed. Our cat breeds are no different and therefore responsible outcrossing is encouraged. Even though outcrossing is the most efficient way to breed away from genetic problems, testing for genetic diseases is still required. Through careful outcrossing, breeders can expand the Gene Pool, and retain the integrity of the breed.

With that said you may need to know a little information about Devon Rex genetics. The DR Rexing (re) gene is recessive. A cat must get a copy from both parents to express the Curly Devon Genotype and Phenotype. When we breed a Devon Rex to an American Shorthair or any approved breed each kitten will be given 1 copy of the rexing gene from the DR parent. When this F1 kitten is bred to a Devon Rex each kitten will get 1 copy of the re gene from the DR parent and statistically 50% of the kittens will get a copy of re from the F1 gene carrier parent. The idea is then to keep an F2 kitten that expresses the curly coat so that the next generation is a Devon Rex to Devon Rex mating and all kittens will be curly coated.

Below are photos and information about some of our Outcrossing work and the lines we produced by working with approved breeds to make our cats better in not only type and quality but most importantly in health as well as adding genetic diversity which may have come from past generations.

This amazing girl was created with one of our first Devon Rex outcross programs. She is an F1 Devon Rex/American Shorthair girl.

“Nada Silver Belles” and her sister “Nada Cutie Pie of Rad Devons were both part of outcross programs here in Florida.

Dam: Russellers Found an Angel aka: June Bug
Sire: Dandy Curls Boston Legal 
The entire F1 Litter of DR/ASH