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Nada is a noun that translates into “Hope”!

All about NadaCatz. We are located on the Nature Coast of Florida. Just Northwest of Tampa Bay.  We are proudly owned by our precious Devon Rex. Each and every cat that lives here adds something very special to our home. I am dedicated to sharing the love & joy of the Devon Rex.

Our breeding cats undergo Genetic Evaluation using VeriSNP Universal Genetic Evaluation which includes the following:

  • Identity/Parentage Markers and Sex determinate markers
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)
  • Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI,VI Mild and MPSVII (MPS1, MPSM and MPS7)
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
  • B blood type (BLDAB)
  • Cinnamon (CINNAM)
  • Chocolate (CHOC2)
  • Points (Points 1 and Points 2)
  • Recessive black (BLCK)
  • Dilute (DILUT)
  • FGF5 longhair (FGF5 longhair (FGF5_1, 2, and 4)

We have also received results back from Optimal Selection Feline DNA testing on Honey our new Devon Rex male which included negative results for 42 genetic disorders including a “CLEAR”  Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome otherwise known as Spactisity a Muscular Disorder found in DR cats many years ago.

All of our cats have been tested by our vet and are Felv, FIV and Heartworm Negative.

Cattery Visits

In this day and age, inviting people into your home can be quite dangerous. There are many anti-breeder and animal rights activists out there, and we do not want to risk the safety of our family or pets. We limit visits as much as possible for several reasons. Breeding is not our job but rather a getaway from dealing with the criminals in our community while working in Law Enforcement.  Therefore, as you can imagine our time is limited and precious to us.

We do not provide allergy visits, as each cat/kitten has their own level of dander and you may be allergic to one cat over another.  Nor do we allow visits to come pick out a kitten or just to come look at the cats. When you’re asking to visit, our “cattery” you are asking to visit our home, where we live with our family and children.

Visitors are pretty invasive in our daily life and strangers in the house can be extremely stressful for the kittens when they hear and smell things unknown to them, and their mothers who are very protective of their youngsters, especially with strangers. Young kittens are extremely vulnerable to airborne diseases and their mother’s stress. Therefore we limit visitors to people who come pick their kitten up. That doesn’t mean we have anything to hide, it means we take the utmost precautions for our own and our cats and kitten’s sake.

We are always happy to meet you at a show. We often go to shows and bring several of our cats and kittens with us, and we’re happy to meet with you there and show you who we have with us. We have many references available from people who have been at our house and from friends and fellow breeders that you can ask questions if you have any doubts regarding how our cats live and are treated.