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Contrary to popular opinion, Devon Rex do shed just like all other cats however the structure of the coat makes the shedding less obtrusive than in some other breeds. For some reason, there is a perception that the Devon Rex is hypo-allergenic however they do produce allergens like every other cat. Some people with allergies to cats are able to tolerate Devons but others are not depending on their personal allergies. If you are allergic and are considering a Devon, you should make arrangements to spend some time in the company of a Devon before acquiring one. Visit with one and wait at least 24 hours to see if they do elicit an allergic reaction and ideally visit more than once.

They are easy to care for because their wavy coats do not shed very much and dry quickly when bathed. Their large ears can attract dirt, though, so these should get a weekly cleaning with a soft cotton swab. Other than that a quick shampoo with a towel dry will keep your wash-and-wear Devon curls in top shape. And a quick nail trim to keep the claws short is the only other grooming required.

Devon Rex cats are generally healthy, but like all cats, they can have certain diseases. Regular veterinary checkups are essential to monitor your Devon Rex's health and catch any potential problems early. If you're considering getting a Devon Rex, be sure to choose a reputable breeder who screens their cats for genetic conditions and offers a health guarantee.

In this day and age, inviting people into your home can be quite dangerous. We take the safety of our Devon Rex seriously. There are many anti-breeder and animal rights activists out there. We do not want to risk the safety of our family or pets. We limit visits as much as possible for several reasons. Breeding is not our job. It’s a getaway from dealing with the criminals in our community while working in Law Enforcement.
We do not provide allergy visits, as each cat/kitten has their own level of dander, and you may be allergic to one cat over another.  Nor do we allow visits to come to pick out a kitten or just to come to look at the cats. When you’re asking to visit, our “cattery” you are asking to visit our home, where we live with our family and children.

Visitors are pretty invasive in our daily life and strangers in the house can be extremely stressful. Young kittens are extremely vulnerable to airborne diseases and their mother’s stress. Therefore, we limit visitors to people who come pick their kitten up. That doesn’t mean we have anything to hide, it means we take the utmost precautions for our own and our cats and kitten’s sake.

We are always happy to meet you at a show.  We’re happy to meet with you there and show you who we have with us. References are available from people who have been at our house and from friends and fellow breeders if you have any doubts regarding how our cats live and are treated.

“Most” Devon Rex kittens start at $1900.  We do not negotiate the price of our cats.  Please keep in mind that most of our cats and kittens are adopted before ever being listed on our website.  The exact price of our cats depends on many factors but often the kittens with better conformation cost more.

Absolutely! The health of our cats and kittens is our number one priority! All of our kittens are sterilized prior to leaving our home, they will be up to date on age-appropriate vaccinations, and come with a health certificate from the vet, and a health contract/guarantee for 3 years, plus their TICA and/or  CFA registration papers.