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About Nada Cats

Nada is a noun that translates into, “Hope”! All about Nada Cats. We are located on the Nature Coast of Florida. Just Northwest of Tampa Bay.  We are proudly owned by our precious Lykoi Cats[…]

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Devon rex Curly cats Nada Lykoi Werewolf Cat Nadacatz TICA CFA Black Roan Florida Natural Mutation

Devon Rex

Nada’s Devon Rex We first fell in love with the Devon Rex breed in 2007, and have happily been owned by these amazing curly coated cats ever since.  We believe health is a priority and[…]

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Lykoi Cats

Nada’s Lykoi Cats aka The Werewolf Cat The name “Lykoi Cat” roughly means “Wolf Cat” in Greek….a very fitting name for these guys! These cats have the appearance of a werewolf due to their lack[…]

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