Lykoi Cat Breeding Females

We are one of the first Lykoi breeders in the world and began our journey with the Lykoi breed in 2010.  In 2012, we received the very first standard Black Roan Lykoi male born in captivity “GobsGobblins King Artemis of Nada” from Dr. Johnny Gobble & his wife Brittney Gobble in which began our breeding program.  This page is dedicated to our beautiful Lykoi breeding females.  All Lykoi involved in the NadaCatz breeding program have a well documented genetic history. This includes the medical history of their parents. Our breeding program pays particular attention to each cat’s genetics. All of our cats from the foundation including their offspring were DNA Tested and sequenced via SNP chip by Dr. Leslie Lyons of the University of Missouri, and her team to include Dr. B. Gandolfi. Four DNA variants have been identified for the Lykoi hair coat.  We are excited for this data to be completed and released as its been a long time in the making.  Our hope is that a commercial laboratory will make a genetic test available which will help us build better breeding programs and know which outcross kittens carry the gene as well as Natural Mutations can be determined without test mating.  We require complete DNA testing for all known Genetic diseases/disorders in cats, blood typing, color and coat type. Please go the “Available” page to see all of the kittens and cats we currently have available for adoption.







Quintessa is a very unique Lykoi Cat. Her mother was found as a Natural Mutation and it was later identified that she had curled ears similar to that of an American Curl cat. This is a dominant gene and Quin and 1 of her brothers were the only 2 in the litter with normal ears. Therefore the others were altered and placed in pet homes as this was not a gene we wished to perpetuate in the Lykoi Cat breed. Quin’s father is a Natural Mutation also who was located in California along with his sister. Quintessa is a larger sized girl, with gorgeous long longs and a longer leaner Oriental Type body as the breed standard calls for.


Essex is the only intact breeding Lykoi Cat that descended from the Vermont Lykoi Cat Colony that we took part in rescuing while initially establishing the breed.  I was contacted by her grand parent’s owner who advised me that she has a colony of cats that become larger and larger over the previous few years.  the colony was comprised of both Lykoi coated Cats as well as Lykoi Cat gene carriers.  These cats were ion an assortment of colors in which included Dominant White Spotting Factor, Siamese Point, Tabby, Seal and Reds.  By selectively breeding we have removed these colors from Essex to focus on Black which expresses the unique roan coat of the breed along with the more intense look of the werewolf.




lykoicat lykoi natural mutation france CHMOUKI o french isabella she wolff DE LA VALLEE DES DEUX nadacatzThis is Choumoke the mother of Isabella who was born in France as a Natural Mutation.
lykoicat lykoi natural mutation france CHMOUKI o french isabella she wolff DE LA VALLEE DES DEUX nadacatz lykoicat lykoi natural mutation france CHMOUKI o french isabella she wolff DE LA VALLEE DES DEUX nadacatz


We are extremely excited to introduce this fabulous F1 Lykoi that arrived from a French Natural Mutation from Christine Boulanger.  We are so proud to have this new line from our special friend to carry on the lineage of this new line.






Introducing our precious Seal Point Roan girl:

Bareenough’s Pointed Paisley of Nada is an amazing addition to our breeding program who came to us from my friend Jayne “Lykoi California”




Timber is a Brown Torbie Roan Lykoi. She is the daughter of Sandra & Simon.