Welcome to Nada

Devon Rex & Lykoi Cats

In some languages Nada means "nothing", but in several other languages, Nada is a noun that

translates into, "Hope"!

This is Leo with his custom replica pillow from K9 Closet.........

"We are proudly owned by our Precious Sphynx & Devon Rex.

Each and every cat that lives here adds something very special to our home.

I am dedicated to sharing the love & joy of the Sphynx & Devon Rex..."

Nada is located on the Nature Coast of Florida. 


All of our breeding cats have undergone a complete Genetic Evaluation using VeriSNP Universal Genetic Evaluation which includes the following:

    • Identity/Parentage Markers and Sex determinate markers
    • Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)
    • Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VI,VI Mild and MPSVII (MPS1, MPSM and MPS7
    • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
    • B blood type (BLDAB)
    • Albino (ALBIN)
    • Cinnamon (CINNAM)
    • Chocolate (CHOC2)
    • Points (Points 1 and Points 2)
    • Recessive black (BLCK)
    • Dilute (DILUT)
    • FGF5 longhair (FGF5 longhair (FGF5_1, 2, and 4)


All of our cats have been tested by our vet and are Felv, FIV and Heartworm Negative.

All of our breeding cats are HCM scanned annually by a Board Certified Cardiologist at the University of Florida

~Go Gators!

No , I'm not a four-legged bat, or a
medieval gargoyle come to life...
Don't you like me?

Do you find my nakedness indecent?

Come, come, am I any more naked than you?

You want to know where I come from?
Well I shan't tell you...

because I am a Sphynx, after all,

so I ask the questions!

Wouldn't you like to stroke my soft skin?

It would be a change from fur!

But maybe you don't like my wrinkles.
I'm actually a kind of Devon Rex,
minus the fur...

which makes me all the more of a mutant.

In any case, those Rex cats are just beginners at
the mutation game,

but I'm an old timer!

I have ancestors on pre-Colombian engravings;

scientists spotted me in 1830 in Paraguay and
in 1900 in Mexico-and now that
I'm being seriously bred, you'll just
have to put up with me!
(CATS, Yann Arthus-Bertrand)