Lykoi Queens

This page is dedicated to our breeding cats.
Please go the “Available” page to see all of the kittens and cats we currently have available for adoption.

Nada Moonlight Sonata

Sire: GobsGobblins Pinpoint Singularity
Dam: Nada Moonlight Becomes You

GobsGobblins Sweetwater Leilani of Nada

Sire: GONZALO (NM-Vermont)
Dam: Kitty Kitty Kuckinniwi (NM-South Carolina)

Leilani is the only intact cat from the Vermont lines and we had no other choice but to keep a bi color  “Black Roan with White” due to the fact through DNA testing we determined that her father was Dominant White Spotting Factor and therefore could only produce tuxedo pattern offspring.  Leilani carries one copy of this gene and will produce solid patterned kittens as well.  She is such a beautiful sweet natured girl and we are very happy to have her. Thank You always to Dr. Johnny & Brittney Gobble for always assisting with the diversity and future of the breed.

TICA Champion Nada Cowboys Kenya

Sire: Rodolfo The Texas Cowboy (NM-Texas)
Dam: Nada Moonlight Crush

TICA Champion Nada Moonlight Madeline

Sire: Nostradamus of Nada
Dam: Nada Moonlight Becomes you


Sire: Big Bear (NM-California)
Dam: T Rex (NM-Utah)

We are super excited to welcome a new Lykoi girl who is the product of 2 Natural Mutations from Utah & California.


Sire: Nada Sebastian Wolff

Dam: Sweetwater Leilani of Nada