Lykoi Kings

This page is dedicated to our breeding cats.
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Sire: Nostradamus of Nada
Dam: Nada Nightshades Whisper

Sebastian is the product of 4 different Natural Mutation (NM) Lykoi lines and 2 DSH lines.  His mother is the breeding between GobsGobblins King Artemis  (which is a combination of the Tennessee NM “Opossum Road Kill” & Virginia NM “Lining Wolfie”) & a DSH “Nightshades Whisper of Nada”.  His father Nostradamus is the product of an F1 “Chanddrasekhar Super Kitty” who is Missouri born to the parents  “Lovell Pepper Ann” (Missouri NM) & DSH sire from Missouri. Nostra’s mother is “Kitty Kitty Kuckinniwi” a NM from South Carolina. He has a 0% Coefficient of Inbreeding which means a lot to the continued development of the Lykoi Breed as a whole




Natural Mutation- Parents Unknown

Photos coming Soon.

We are so excited to have the opportunity to work with this new line found in Southern California.  Simon and his brother were found in a field of feral cats when they were literally only 1 pound and about 4 weeks old.  The boys were turned over to our amazing friend Jayne.  She recently decided to allow me to take Simon as he is a valuable asset to the Lykoi breed.



Our Retired Kings

GobsGobblins King Artemis

GobsGobblins King Artemis

GobsGobblins King Artemis was our foundation stud and is now retired from breeding. Artemis lives in KC, MO @ K9Closet with our good friends Blake & Heidi Schamberger along with several of our Sphynx cats.

Hairlessphynxbc Odin

Hairlessphynxbc Odin

Hairlessphynxbc Odin is retired and living in Illinois with his Sphynx buddy.

Canadian Wolff Albert

Natural Mutation from Alberta Canada


Rodolfo the Texas Cowboy

Natural Mutation from Texas USA