Devon Rex Kings

This page is dedicated to our handsome male, Devon Rex breeding cats. All cats involved in the Nada Cats breeding program should have a well documented medical history, and the medical history of their parents and siblings. Our breeding program  pays particular attention to each cat’s genetic background as well. We require complete medical check-ups for all breeding pairs. These check-ups include blood tests, x-rays, and tests for sexually transmitted diseases. Please go the “Available” page to see all of the kittens and cats we currently have available for adoption.

Nada’s Mercury Retro Grade

Sire: Koro’s Dakota
Dam: Nada Silver Belles

Mercury is a Silver McTabby & White  F2 ASH/DR

Jazeer Kajigo of Nada 

Sire: GIC Rio Insula *PL
Dam: Quo Tin Tin Gold,CZ 



Sire: Parfait Amour of Applause

Dam: Agnes of Applause

Color: Fawn tabby (Agouti A/a, Dilute d/d, Cinnamon b1/b1, carrying Siamese Point C/cs (per dna)

Blood type: B


Future Stud


Sire: Nada Mercury Retrograde

Dam: DandyCurls Kindred Spirit

Color: Seal Silver Lynx Point with white (cs/cs, D/d, Ws/Ws II DW/Ws II DW/DW, A/A, -/-)

Blood type: B